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Clumping Cat Litter

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You can print a maximum of coupons at a time. Print these coupons now and clip additional coupons after you print. Print Coupons It really makes cleaning the litter box much easier. I think the odor control and the tracking are just average. I also think it is pretty dusty.

But again, I've come to the conclusion there is no perfect litter. Wasn't expecting this to come in a resealable plastic bad. I love it! Pictures are taken after a few refills, but bag was filled packed when I got it! Well worth the money! I have been a faithful Tidy Cat user for years, I have found that nothing performs as well.

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I was reluctant to try the lightweight because of the added cost we have 5 cats in the household and I wondered if it was really worth it. But when I found the lightweight on Amazon for roughly the same price as the regular Tidy Cat scoopable at our local superstore I figured I had nothing to lose.

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Boy am I amazed at the difference!! I don't think I will ever switch back!

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The odor control is far superior to the regular scoopable I was using baking soda or litter deodorizer in the boxes when I cleaned them out when using the regular scoopable but have found that since I switched to the lightweight there is no need. And it goes without saying the the lightweight is far easier to transport both before I personally hate having to pay for my animal to poop in my house. Can you tell I'm a dog person? But alas, my kids wanted cats too. I have bought many different types of litter, but it always nagged at me that I was screwing up the environment for cat poop.

This litter works better than any other expensive brand I've tried, including the crystals. It contains the smell exceptionally well.

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I like it so much, I got a monthly subscription. It seems our entire household is sensitive to dust from cat litter, not surprisingly the cats themselves. My goal was to find hypoallergenic fragrance-free, dust-free clumping litter. We have five cats with eight litter boxes for them to choose from. I scoop the boxes daily and completely change out the litter once a month. Here are six results in order of my preference, the first two coming in at a virtual tie!

Odor control was not a deciding factor for me in these The litter itself, is great.. I ordered 20 of them to stock up due to the awesome deal and they did arrive even after Amazon sent a thing telling me it was going to be delayed. So, make sure you watch out for deals on the Tidy Cats litter, it looks like its not always the instant action, but the others are all comparable so if you can find the sweet deal on them.. In stock. I have four cats.

Yes, that's a lot We also have a litterbox in our bedroom Yes, that is less than ideal. Suffice to say, having litter that works well is incredibly important. This stuff is the best we have used. It clumps tightly, which makes clean up a breeze and doesn't leave gross but unclumped litter in the box. Because of this, we don't have to do a full dump of the box nearly as often. It doesn't have a noticeable scent which is good, PITA princess won't use highly scented litter but traps odors well.

In terms of the smell" - by Amazonuser. Summary — I have two indoor cats and we find this is a great littler.


In terms of the smell, it is certainly more powerful than others we have used, however, we do not find it offensive and would describe the smell as more of a perfume vs. What I personally like about this litter more than others is how well it deals with the ammonia smell. When cleaning my other litters, the smell was borderline nauseating. This makes it just about odorless in terms of ammonia. Dust level would be on par with others. Certainly not dust free, yet not bad as far as I am concerned. Lastly, I would say this is messier than heavier litters.

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Not sure if this is due to it being light and clinging to feet on the way This stuff is amazing! Those giving it a "1 star" rating probably work for Fresh Step, lol. Wait For It The Cat's Meow!